Case Studies

We're proud of all the great work we've accomplished with our partners! The case studies below outline in more detail some of our most interesting projects.

Live Event - Ericsson Road Show

Cactex Media partnered with Ericcson to create the Ericsson Imagine Live North America Tour. We designed, fabricated, and delivered a mobile road show that travels throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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Video - See Something, Say Something

We created a PSA to help North Central Texas Council of Governments spread the word about reporting domestic terrorism in the local community.

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Photography - Smile Doctors Social Media

We partnered with smile doctors to plan and execute a photo shoot to showcase their work on real patients. We brought in patients from Austin, Texas to share their beautiful smiles for smile doctors’ next marketing campaign.

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Talk show - Walking with Purpose

We coordinated a video shoot in our studios for Walking With Purpose. This was for a new series called Touching the Divine.

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Video - Know Your Customer

NTT DATA created a one-of-a-kind program for financial institutions and needed a marketing video that was just as unique.

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interactive - NTT DATA Financial services

Using outstanding visuals, intuitive design, and compelling interactive content we created three interactive demos for NTT DATA’s Financial Services sales teams.

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Live Event - Leidos Road Show

We partnered with Leidos to create a mobile experience that reached their clients, employees and top-tier talent. We designed a 53' trailer from the ground up that showcases the breadth and depth of their services. Inside this space are 16 unique interactive applications that utilize AR, VR, touch and 360 video.

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Photography - NTT DATA Healthcare

NTT DATA created a one-of-a-kind program for financial institutions and needed a marketing video that was just as unique. Our content creatives showcased their distinctive elements that bring it to life in a highly intelligent system.

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Infographic - NTT DATA Covid-19

COVID-19 required businesses to rapidly respond to a changing environment. Cactex created these colorful infographics to communicate NTT DATA's Pandemic response IT solutions. These graphics were used in sales calls, presentations, and social channels.

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We worked with Verint, a leading global provider of intelligence and security software solutions, to create a series of videos to support their 2020 marketing strategy. They were shifting their sales strategy from a product-based business model to a model of delivering services and consulting.

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Video - KnoWhat2Do PSA

The North Texas Council of Government wanted to create a memorable video that helped prepare the citizens of North Texas in case disaster struck by promoting their website

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Live Event - HPE Fusion

We crafted a repeatable exhibition design to help visitors distill the vast information about HPE’s Cloud Services relevant to each visitor’s unique business.

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Video - Game Changers

We produced a series of videos highlighting NTT DATA’s top employees changing the game in Healthcare and Life Sciences. These stories captured the unique personalities and talents of each individual.

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Video - DXC 600

We created a video to help DXC launch their new products. Focusing on Accelerated Migration for SAP S4/HANNA, it released just in time for the SAP Sapphire show.

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