How We Do It

Cactex takes your project from conception to completion using our Insider Platform Process, developed from our experience in network television and corporate production.

1 Strategy

We have meetings to identify your scope, audience, and purpose. Cactex develops a timeline with critical milestones to keep us on time and on budget.

2 Concept

Cactex presents you with options for narratives and visuals. We use our Insider Platform Process to create a framework, script, and storyboard.

3 Production

Our production team of experienced specialists will bring your concept to life. We capture amazing visuals and audio to create your video.

4 Post-Production

Our Insider Platform Process ensures we hit it out of the park with our motion graphics, visual effects, sound design, and editing.

5 Review

Cactex collaborates on the project with you. We discuss and make any desired revisions. Our proprietary process ensures we get it right.

6 Delivery

Cactex delivers your project in the formats you need to reach your customers, including the web, social media, trade shows, and presentations.

7 Analytics

We know it's about goals and return on investment. Using our Insider Platform Process, we collect then analyze data to measure the success of your project.

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