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Claire Chiappetta has interviewed a variety of people about their thoughts and experiences. Listen to gain insights on what they do and how they do it. We hope these stories inspire you as much as they do us!

EP18-Wendi McGowan-ellis

may 22, 2023

Wendi McGowan-Ellis is the CEO & Founding General Partner at Cassandra Capital - a female-founded venture capital firm Investing in women-led companies. As a founder/operator turned investor, her vision is to put women at the core of creating, building, and investing in new innovation and wealth. She's a published author and has consulted for Fortune 10 companies all the way to small businesses. She joins us to share her take on supporting other female entrepreneurs.

EP17-Lisa brenninkmeyer

may 22, 2023

Lisa Brenninkmeyer is the founder of Walking With Purpose, author, public speaker and video host. As we sat down to interview her, we couldn't help but wonder: what are the elements that create a truly compelling speech? How does she weave together words that genuinely captivate her audience? Today, Lisa reveals her secrets to keeping her audience engaged and coming back for more.

EP16-Claire st. amant

may 9, 2023

"Final Days on Earth" podcast creator, Claire St. Amant, sits down with us to share her true crime stories. She weaves together respect, research and interviews to honor victims and help bring justice to the families.

EP15-Michael Maponga

April 19, 2023

Michael Maponga is a skilled entrepreneur, actor, and executive producer with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Dallas, and traveling the world for work, he brings a unique perspective to storytelling. He established the streaming platform AfroLandTV, to address the gap in the distribution of authentic African stories globally. Viewership has increased 155% over the last year for this channel that showcases Pan African movies & TV. Join us and listen to what inspired Michael on his storytelling journey.

EP14-Judy Muller

February 23, 2023

Judy Muller is an Emmy and Peabody award winning journalist, network correspondent, NPR commentator, author, and professor emerita of broadcast journalism at USC’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. In our conversation, we talk about the art of storytelling. Muller was born into storytelling and through her lens on life has the innate ability to write and tell compelling stories that move and motivate others. Listen to our podcast and discover Muller’s incredible talent.

EP13-Tim Hicks

May 2, 2022

Commander Tim Hicks works for the Midlothian, Texas Polic Department as a security officer for the local elementary school. Tim discusses the importance of being aware of domestic terrorism threats, especially to children, and how to report suspicious activity.

EP12-Maureen Maher

JANUARY 5, 2022

Maureen Maher is an award-winning journalist with 30 years of experience working in broadcasting. At CBS News, she reported on national breaking news stories and was a correspondent at 48 Hours, a broadcast that focuses on true crime stories. In this episode, Maher talks about how she got her start in journalism, how she helped exonerate a wrongly convicted individual and she shares insights about many of the investigative stories she has reported on over the years.

EP11-Daniel Ringhauser

May 21, 2021

Daniel Ringhauser serves as the Chair of Public Education within the North Central Texas Council of Governments. The organization is also known as the “COG” and Daniel leads an important initiative to educate people in the North Texas area about disaster preparedness. We discuss that and his role as an Assistant Emergency Manager Coordinator for the City of Grand Prairie Office of Emergency Management.

EP10-John Strotbeck

December 5, 2020

John Strotbeck grew up near the beach in southern New Jersey, rowed his way onto 2 United States Olympic teams and now leads Boathouse Sports, a US-made elite performance outerwear brand. On our podcast, presented in 2 parts, John tells us about the strategy, hard work and grit he put into rowing and leading his company.


nOVEMBER 19, 2020

Mona Charif is Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for NTT DATA Services, an information technology leader. She has more than 20 years of success in supporting sales and growth objectives. In our conversation, we talk about how her journey began, her passions, and her experience at NTT DATA. Listen to our podcast to find out what makes Mona Charif truly remarkable.

EP8-Mary Lou Teel

November 5, 2020

Mary Lou Teel has one of the best jobs in television news. As a Producer and writer on CBS News Sunday Morning for almost 35 years, she has produced hundreds of stories to a nationwide audience and won many awards. On this podcast, she tells us about her favorite segments and what she has learned as a storyteller along the way.

EP7-Tom Gallagher

September 9, 2020

Our latest guest on Conversations with Claire is Tom Gallagher, a former Wall Street attorney, journalist, non-profit CEO, and now documentary-film producer. Listen as Tom shares his experiences and journey.

EP6-Rishi Khanna

August 13, 2020

The conversation with Rishi Khanna is a discussion about digital transformation and artificial intelligence. We talk about how companies are slow to adopt new technology but in today’s environment technology is essential to staying ahead of the competition.

EP5-Linda Balfour

July 7, 2020

Linda Balfour is the principal of the H. Olive Day School in Norfolk, MA. She is the kind of principal you would want to have at your children’s school. She’s been a second grade teacher, a special education resource teacher, and an assistant principal. Last year, she was named the 2019 Massachusetts Elementary School Principal of the Year for her exemplary achievements in the pursuit of excellence. Hear about her passion and commitment to her students. That’s also what makes her truly outstanding.

EP4-Kaestner Hutton

May 3, 2020

Kaestner Hutton is a respiratory therapist in New York City on the frontlines of the battle against Covd-19. After weeks of working with patients, he succumbed to the virus and quarantined himself in his home, with his wife and son, who suffers from asthma and is vulnerable to the disease. Kaestner has seen desperate patients battle for their lives, has felt the ravages of the disease in his own body, and felt the anxiety of being closed-up in a room away from his family for 14 days. In our podcast, he tells us about fighting the disease at the hospital and alone praying, listening to CD’s, eschewing the distraction of any television or screens, and mixing treatments of modern medicine and homeopathy.

EP3-Elena Hall

April 17, 2020

Elena S Hall's passion for adoption advocacy stems from her faith and family. She loves to write, dance, sing, and tell stories. Her goal is to aid those in the adoption triad to promote healing and growth within the adoption community and empower readers to share their own stories.

EP2-Lindsay Miller

February 6, 2020

Lindsay Miller is a writer, producer, storyteller and long-time friend. We worked together at CBS News on the broadcast Sunday Morning. Back then, I admired her passion for writing and her ability to weave stories together week after week, on deadline, for one of the greatest voices in broadcast journalism, Charles Kuralt. She was and is a smart, keen observer who is able to write words and produce segments that resonate and take you on a journey. We talk about her first job, her southern roots and her favorite stories. She shares insights that she has learned along the way about writing and producing.

EP1-Gail Thomas

December 20, 2019

Every morning on the drive to our Cactex Media offices, I see the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The arch rises 400 feet into the air and joins the east and west sections of the city over the Trinity river. Our guest on our premier podcast is Gail Thomas, one of the visionary Dallas leaders responsible for this stunning addition to the Dallas Skyline. Gail dreamed of a bridge that would connect and unify Dallas. She imagined, along with other energetic leaders, residents, and volunteers, what has come to be along the Trinity river: thriving neighborhoods, successful businesses and green parks and pathways. Hear Gail talk about her love for Dallas, the river, and her favorite story.

We asked ChatGPT the top marketing questions companies have.

See what our guests had to say about it!

EP04 - Stephen Dahlem

AUG 4, 2023

Question 4: How have events changed post pandemic, and what are the emerging trends?

In today's podcast, we are joined by Stephen Dahlem, the Senior Creative Director at Corporate Magic, an agency that creates and produces events for Fortune 1000 companies.

EP03 - Jaime Chambron

AUG 4, 2023

Question 3: How should marketers brand themselves to maintain a strong personal brand identity in the professional world?

Today we are speaking to Jaime Chambron, a Career Advancement and Personal Branding Expert. She teaches the most effective ways to brand yourself in the marketing world.

EP02 - Tia calvin

AUG 4, 2023

Question 2: How can we effectively leverage social media to engage with our audience and drive sales?

Tia Calvin is the Digital Marketing Manager at Grace Hill. She is a data-driven storyteller with experience in digital media, demand generation, marketing strategy, social media marketing, and design.

EP01 - Elijah clark

AUG 4, 2023

Question 1: How do companies use content strategies to engage target customers?

Dr. Elijah Clark is a professor at TCU and business & growth advisor. He works with entrepreneurs, managers, and employees to help improve sales and decrease spending.

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