NTT DATA healthcare


NTT DATA wanted to create an authentic visual language that resonated with their healthcare clients while staying true to their information technology heritage. Cactex media created a series of images that reflected NTT DATA’s brand; technology, customer experience and healthcare industry expertise coming together.


Cactex Media scouted many locations and secured the perfect site for the photoshoot. This site, with Cactex Media’s expertise, could be transformed into a hospital, clinic, office, and home health setting. Cactex Media made sure every detail, from wardrobe to props and talent to post-production overlays.


We coordinated two production teams onsite, working in tandem both inside and outside the facility. Our large crew and cast worked together efficiently to capture emotional, compelling and authentic moments. Each set-up required a vision for the graphic and overlay treatments that would be added in post-production.


Cactex Media took these raw images and created relevant IT overlays, along with actual software application screens, and a little creative magic to make these photos tell the story of our client's solutions. The post-production process was integral to the success and vision of our clients' marketing campaign.

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