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Logo animation

Your animated logo will stand out on social, websites, in presentations, and emails.

Did You Know?

It can take less than 1 second for a customer to form an opinion about your brand.

Stop Motion Video

Your story will be captured in a 10 second, stop motion video for social media channels. It will loop on any social media platform.

Did You Know?

85% of people watch videos without sound. Stop motion lends itself to tell a story by relying on the visual rather than sound or text.

2 x Social Graphics

These two graphics are for your digital ads and social media posts that will become the foundation of your brand.

Did You Know?

55% of consumers research brands on social media before buying products or services.

Your Free Bonus!

Appear On Our Podcast

First time clients are invited to our studio to record a 15-minute podcast about your company. This interview will help you foster a personal connection with your audience.

Did You Know?

78% of the United States population listens to podcasts.

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