we partnered with Leidos to create a mobile experience to reach their clients, employees and top-tier talent. We designed a 53’ trailer from the ground up that showcases the breadth and depth of their services. Inside this space are 16 unique interactive applications that utilize AR, VR, Touch and 360 video.


Leidos Mobile App

We created, programmed and published the Leidos LIVE app allowing users to unlock exclusive content and engage with the truck on their own personal device. The app tracks the truck in real-time, displays an interactive 3D map of the space, and includes an AR trigger that allows users to see and hear Leidos employees.


People of Leidos Augmented reality posters

Visitors of Leidos LIVE can use a tablet or their smartphone to trigger AR images around the truck. These images come to life before to communicate the important work Leidos is doing to solve the world’s toughest challenges.


Virtual reality experiences

Leidos LIVE featured 3 immersive VR experiences. We created these experiential demos so users can interact with the mission-critical work that Leidos does every day in war zones, in research labs and in education centers to change our lives. Users can travel to Antarctica or the International Space Station high above the earth. They can go down deep to explore underwater labs or into a microscopic environment to see the latest break through in cancer research. 




Custom signage and swag

We provided custom-design solutions using the key branding principals of Leidos. We designed custom signage, and produced give-aways and collateral for visitors to take home.


 Watch the Leidos LIVE Case Study