fusion touch screen experience


 We crafted a repeatable exhibition design to help visitors distill the vast information about HPE’s Cloud Services to increase accessibility to the resources that are directly relevant to each visitor’s unique business, industry, and challenge.

Fusion 6.jpg
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Booth Design

Our design allowed visitors to see the "World of the Possible" through a physical space.  We combined video, sound design, LED lights and custom fabrication to draw people into our booth. This showpiece became the centerpiece of the tradeshow floor.


Fusion Game

We created an ecosystem of connected applications that intelligently helped visitors to explore more than 50 cloud solutions.  The core of these apps was a fun and engaging game called “Fusion” where each visitor’s unique set of IT solutions were fused to create a unique roadmap for new conversations.


Lead Generation Applications

ROI and lead gen tools were integrated into existing HPE business development and sales processes to continue to evolve these relationships. These tools created over 900 leads and over 6,000 social media shares.


WAtch the HPE Fusion case study